"With a passion for tribal jewelry, textiles, and clothing Silk Road Tribal offers tribal treasures from around the world from Central Asian, Middle Eastern, and North & West African countries such as Afghanistan, India, Mali, Morocco, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and beyond. Focusing on nomadic and gypsy tribes such as the Banjara, Bedouin, Berber, Hilltribe, Kuchi, Rabari, Tuareg, and Turkoman we bring you an ever-changing collection of tempting tribal treasures. Silk Road Tribal specializes in costuming for the Tribal and Tribal Fusion belly dancer."

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* Colage of images by "Yard of Girls

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  1. Ai... como eu ADORO estas coisas! As cores, os padrões, os materiais... tudo!

  2. :) :) de perder a cabeça!!

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